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Rad Aerosports Presents 

The Jet Waco

Rad Aerosports is a pioneering aviation company that combines

classic biplane design with cutting-edge technology. Our flagship

aircraft features a biplane with a jet engine, offering a unique and

thrilling experience for the masses.

about the waco
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A Pratt & Whitney 985 radial engine and a General Electric CJ610 (J85) jet engine are both used to power the Jet Waco. The 985 radial's power is harnessed using a three-bladed Hartzell propeller.

Speed &

Snap rolls, spins, barrel rolls, and hovers are a few of the tricks this aircraft is capable of, in addition to reaching speeds of up to 250 mph.


Starting life as a classic 1929 Taperwing Waco, this was once the aircraft of choice for barnstormers in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It was pure ambition pushing the boundaries of aeronautic engineering that created this fascinating machine. This system allows the plane to achieve feats most other aircraft are unable to do.


The aircraft can accelerate while climbing straight up because its thrust-to-weight ratio is greater than 1:1.



Jarrod Lindemann 
Pilot/ Owner

Jarrod Lindemann knew he would become a part of airshow history after seeing his first airshow and doing his first aerobatic performance. To date, Jarrod has logged thousands of hours in everything from training aircraft to private jets.


In 2020 Jarrod acquired the Jet Waco, a Taperwing Waco modified with the addition of a Learjet engine! With the Jet-Waco, Jarrod has realized a lifetime ambition of his to serve as an inspiration to young aviators everywhere.


The mission of Team RAD is to inspire and excite individuals of all ages to take up flying. RAD is on the search for compatible partners to collaborate with in order to build our unique and engaging brand further.

airshow schedule

2024 tentative Schedule
TBA July 4
EAA Airventure WI July 22-24
Fargo Airsho July26-28
NAS Oceana 20-22
Las Cruces Airshow NM Oct 18-20
NAS Pensacola Blues Homecoming FL Oct 31-Nov 2


Jet Waco Final Master00 copy341.jpg


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